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ART Hour Kimono Collection

WorldartB is a luxury Art Houte Couture and  Ready to Wear  brand founded in Warsaw in 2020. 

The Brand combines its own designs with specialist craftsmanship to create unique art collection for women and men.

Some producs are unisex based on paintings by world renowned artists.


The first unique collection is based on illustrations and paintings by the world famous painter, ilustrator and sculptor -  Jozef Wilkon. 

The reversible one sized unisex Haori Kimono with a pocket is a contemporary real work of art.

One side of the jacket has a hand sewn motif " Harem" based on a painting by Jozef Wikon inspired by Boleslaw Lesmian's " Tale of the cursed horse steed " ( "Basn o rumaku zakletym").

Another model Art Haori Kimono, based on a Russian tale sewn with a flying wolf motif, is a delicate version of the gold jacket in which we feel enchanted.


Hand made excellence is a hallmark of WorldartB's work.


The collections feature only highest quality fabrics combines with hand- woven texliles, silk, satin, knitted fabrics, rich in art hand-embroidered ornaments and pictures.


Our art Ready to Wear are ideal to be worn at the theatre or concert hall.


Our creations are made with a passion for art. 

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