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Art Hour KIMONO without embroidery
  • Art Hour KIMONO without embroidery


    Double _ Sided - Art Women Hour Kimono without embroidery ( dark blue+episcopal colour ) - wool/satin ( 80/20 )



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    Colour: Dwustronne kimono z kieszonką ( double - sided kimono )

    Materiał: wool/polyester ( 80/20%) ciemny granat z kryształkami morskimi

    Druga strona kimona - satyna jedwabna, w kolorze biskupim ( bez haftu ).

    Wykończenie w kolorze morskim i biskupim ( kieszonki ).


    SIZE: one size from 160 till 190 cm

    Jeden rozmiar: 160-190 cm


    Shipping: UPS standard shipping delivery within 5 working days

    Return policy: You can request a return for any item purchased on within 14 days of the delivery date.